About Us

JellyCell ®is a mobile content and entertainment website. By merging mobile content with social networking, JellyCell ® has created a simple platform for the delivery of user-created content while providing mass social appeal. The mobile industry has undergone phenomenonal growth and development in recent years. In acknowledging this, JellyCell ® has created a new platform for daily users to establish an unique web presence through the creation of their own mobile content. JellyCell ® understands users are passionate about their individual preferences for mobile content, and this site serves as a community for them to come together and share their own user-created content.

Vision & Growth

Since our beta launch, JellyCell ® has experienced rapid growth in North America due to it's popularity from users looking to share their own user-created content. Each day, users are expanding the JellyCell ® community, while contributing content along the way. As JellyCell ® continues it's growth, more features will be added to our community for our users to engage with. We welcome suggestions and comments from users that further improve the functionality,growth and development of JellyCell ®.

Our Service

JellyCell ® is a very simple service to use. You will not be charged for becoming a member of JellyCell ®, as their is no subscription fees, however standard text messaging and data transfer rates do apply for the delivery of mobile content which will be charged by your own mobile service provider.  Please check with your mobile service provider for further information on text and data transfer rates. Additionally, JellyCell ® is an advertiser supported service, and any transactions intitiated are solely between you and the advertiser. Please contact advertisers directly if you require correspondence with them.

To contact us, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.